Friday, November 22, 2013

Don't be scared, because there are no endings.

During my transition from "then" to "now," I was afraid of an asterism. The little signals were everywhere--coffee mug drips stained into triangles, my Cheerios broke into tiny asterisks, my heart stopped, then beat again. The television static that peppers closed eyes formed alive pools of punctuation. I felt like Robert Frost, and caesuras were my spider.


I'm still here.

Not just my body.


I'm proud to announce the progress of my awareness.


sleep is still a sticky sphere for me. 

Death's cousin is depression's dominatrix.


the people that I love the most still scare me out of my skin.

Anxiety kills the filter of rationality.


today in lit class, while I savored the discussion, devouring thoughts like homemade pasta sauce

My own thoughts were clouded, clouded, clouded with the words: I need counseling.

I've decided that the best remedy is

yet I have a lot to come to terms with.

There are still mute moments
but only he seems to notice.

Explanations are extraneous errands
but sometimes you have no choice.

It hasn't rained in a while

and I could snuggle inside

and brew tea 

and eat toast with

raspberry enjambment

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